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Uniquely ME

More often than not we compare ourselves to others. The one thing that we miss is that we are all uniquely different individuals. When we start to measure ourselves against others we are literally saying that we aren't good enough.

The beautiful thing is that the differences we possess make us impossible to duplicate. Yes, we attempt to look like, act like, sound like and even live like someone else. However, we will never be them and God never intended for us to do so.

The authenticity that you have is only for you. You were made to be you and as hard as you might try, there will always be a void within when you aren't true to yourself. So, why ME...because it is a job that only you can possess. It is a passion that only you can have. It is a destiny that only you can fulfill. Let go of the images of others that you have in your mind and grab ahold to God's image of you. Trust me when you do it'll be worth it. Tell yourself 'I'm ME and no one can do it better!

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