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Remember Everything Shall Evolve in Time (RESET)

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Sometimes we have to stop, press the reset button, and start fresh. This does not mean that we should toss out everything that we've done. It just means that we are looking at things from a different perspective. You know...change up a few things. Maybe the way that we were going didn't pan out so we have to reevaluate the direction we are going. When we step outside of our comfort zones things can get a bit murky. We begin to second guess ourselves and fear begins to creep in. You know how it goes…those inevitable questions we start to ask ourselves. Did I make the right decision? Will I be successful? Will I make a difference? Those are just a few questions that run through our minds. Honesty moment: those were some of the questions that caused me to put the brakes on my endeavors. The thought of failing paralyzed me. When I started out on this Journey to Me, I never imagined it taking on a life of its own. My initial thought was developing a line of activewear that focuses on curvy women. However, in doing so I found the process tedious and tiring. Not to mention the vision that I had in mind failed to come to pass after months of working on my product development. Then, there came this blog. I wasn’t sure that it was something I could do. I wasn’t sure that it would be helpful to others. Most of all, I wasn’t sure if I could be vulnerable and share what I go through. One thing about me is that I never want to be hypocritical. What I have learned is that I am also helping myself when I share with others. It is ok to work through my own struggles while encouraging others to do the same. I must trust the process in the same way that I encourage others to.

I’ve had to reset. I had to get out of my own way and continue to work this vision that was placed in me. I had to change my thought process and I had to get back to the drawing board. I’ve stopped beating myself up for having to pause. Well, I didn’t pause I out right stopped because things were not going the way that I planned. I think its embedded in us to be successful. At the first sign of difficulty many of us want to retreat. We have to change our mindsets and instead of quitting we must regroup, take the lessons from the first round and apply them to where we are going now. We have to take everything that we go through and learn from it. Let’s focus on where we are and not the what ifs. If we ponder on the what ifs we will never move forward to where we are supposed to be. If we quit, we are only failing ourselves. This is true across the board, in all walks of life. We will get discouraged, we will want to quit and there will be times where we feel like failures but if we keep striving and pushing forward, we will find our strength. Reset – Remember Everything Shall Evolve in Time. Trust the Process and Trust Yourself.

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