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Give Yourself Permission

Life has a way of moving full speed ahead. Some days can be slower than others, but time waits for no one. As children we are excited about the prospect of adulthood and the freedom it brings. What we did not consider as children were all the responsibilities that come along with growing up. First, it was college, or military, or whatever path you chose after high school. Then the bills started rolling in. And of course, there is our family. Before we know it, life has started to pass us by. We have become so bogged down with everything that life has been throwing at us that we forget to live. We forget how precious every moment is. We forget to have fun. We become so busy with the busyness of life that oftentimes we are doing life not living it.

We must get to a place of balance. Everything does not have to be done as soon as possible. Without balance we will find ourselves burnt out. I know, for me, being in a burnt-out state brought me even more stress. I became unproductive, inconsistent, and depressed. I was doing everything because I had to, not because I wanted to. But you know the funny thing about it is, life has a way of slowing us down, especially when we won’t do it for ourselves. I had to make the conscious effort to carve out time for me (and not feel guilty about it). Trust me, whatever you were doing will still be there when you get back. Whether it is 10 minutes or an entire day, take time for you. It isn’t wrong or selfish. You will find yourself enjoying life a little more. There won’t be an urgency about everything. You will have an appreciation for the small things. This isn’t to say that life won’t throw you curve balls. All I’m saying is that if in fact you do have a curve ball thrown at you, you will be able to respond and not react to the situation. You will come to see that everything isn’t urgent, and you will be able to flow throughout your days with more smiles and less stress. Remember, trust the process, and trust yourself. There is nothing we can’t handle.

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