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In life we will face things that will challenge us. Some of the challenges we go through will seem easier than others. The fear of failure can cause us to stall and not move forward. Lately, there is statement I come across almost daily. It goes along the line of “Even if you’re scared, do it anyway.” This is such a powerful statement. If we adhere to this message, we will be unstoppable. It has become a constant affirmation for me.

The unknown can be a scary place, but it is a place worth exploring. It is the place where visions and dreams are brought into fruition. It is the place where new passions are discovered. It is the place where destiny is fulfilled. Taking one step at a time is the best way to move ahead. One moment you are surrounded by darkness, then in the next moment you are surrounded by light. With each step you are taking fear into your grasp and letting it know that it will not hold you captive any longer. Does this mean you won’t be hesitant? No! Does this mean that you are to stop? No! What it means is that you will not allow anything to control you. Forward progression will continue at all costs. You will be amazed at the strength that you will gain.

I am not speaking on anything that I don’t deal with on a regular. Honestly speaking, typing these very words is me taking fear head on. We only fail if we don’t try. Many dreams are lost because of the unwillingness to step out and try something that you are uncomfortable and unfamiliar with. The what-ifs swarm around you like a cloud. It is time to take control of fear and make it an affirmation. We are no longer afraid. We are (F)avored, (E)nough, (A)nd, (R)edeemed. Now, let’s go get what belongs to us!

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